Job Description

Responsible for the overall management, administration, planning, regulatory compliance, budgeting and procurement for all business systems, clinical services and human resource activities for the Center.  Incumbent has extensive latitude to effectively accomplish functions of the position while reporting to a Physician Board, adhering to all applicable federal, state, and local laws/regulations and governing board direction.



1.Provides leadership to a team of clinical and business professionals with focus on clinical quality outcomes, labor efficiencies, supply chain management, regulatory compliance, volume growth drivers and revenue cycle optimization.

2.Responsible for the administration and management of finances for the organization, ensuring accountability in and efficiency of operations.  Tasks include, but are not limited to:

3.Oversees all financial matters, analyzes and coordinates the organizational budgeting process, develops and revises the annual budget and monitors the profitability of each cost center to ensure departments operate within budget while meeting their goals and objectives.

4.Oversees the efficiency of billing, receivables, and reimbursement operations; analyzes and presents accounts receivable and financial reports to the physicians monthly-explains the specific financial impact of each and performs cost/benefit analysis for all capital purchases/improvements.

5.Formulates or interprets financial regulations and policies for implementation by staff.

6.Oversees the development and implementation of standard operating procedures and policies.

7.Completes a full analysis of the fee schedule annually, to maximize reimbursement

8.Reviews operating reports to determine effectiveness of operations and effectively recommends and/or develops and implements improvements to the operations.

9.Ensures financial audit protocols are sound and adhered to.

10.Negotiates and controls all external contracts, such as those with physicians, ancillary service, facility maintenance and purchasing agreements.

11.Oversees long-range financial planning and direction and prepares written and oral presentations on operational and long-range planning issues to all levels of the organization.

12.Analyzes and negotiates all contracts, according to standards set by the physician group and recommends continued participation or termination of contracts as appropriate.

13.Regularly analyzes area needs, studies new trends and developments and makes recommendations to the Medical Director and Medical Executive Committee and Governing Board as needed.

14.Operationally responsible for the development and delivery of human resources services including recruitment, selection, interviewing, testing, benefits and maintenance of employee records s in order to ensure effective, respectful and legally compliant human resource activities throughout the organization.  Specific tasks include, but are not limited to:

15.Responsible for creating a fair, open environment for all staff and ensuring consistency of treatment and application of policies.

16.Coordinates, researches, drafts policies for the approval of the Board, and publish revisions to policies and procedures governing human resources and provides consultation to employees and management regarding employment policies and procedures, benefits, and rights and responsibilities.

17.Takes an active role in maintaining positive medical staff relations; follow up immediately on all physician complaints or concerns in nursing areas.

18.Maintains a job classification and salary system.

19.Reviews, initiates and authorizes personnel actions including, hiring, discipline, performance appraisals, terminations and status changes for employees.

20.Supervises and monitors managers and supervisors within the organization to ensure compliance with established human resource policies and procedures and applicable state and federal laws.

21.Ensures that job descriptions and postings reflect job-related criteria.

22.Ensures all staff adhere to policies and procedures for providing efficient, safe, and respectful services.

23.Reviews staffing patterns, census and acuity of nursing units to see that staffing is consistent with the patients needs and budgeting control; adjust staffing to meet the needs of the patients, make rounds to observe daily staffing balance.

24.Conducts and reviews performance appraisals, and approves merit increases for staff within the allocation of funds for merit increases.

25.Ensures personnel files are complete and up-to-date for each employee of the organization.

26.Administers the pension and profit sharing plan

27.Appoints Team Leaders/Supervisors for key areas of the practice; each is responsible for collecting and calculating staff time cards, managing departmental staff schedules, and ensuring employee posts are filled at all times

28.Ensures all appropriate staff attend and complete all required continuing education courses, and informs physician of CME courses of interest

29.Holds staff meetings monthly; directs the preparation of an agenda and meeting minutes

30.Responsible to oversee and coordinate the organization’s Risk Management activities.  Tasks include, but are not limited to.

31.Ensures the organization operates in compliance with applicable federal/state laws and regulations and accrediting bodies and makes appropriate suggestions for changes in policies and procedures needed to maintain compliance.

32.Develops and ensures compliance with Center policy and procedure manuals for use by staff.

33.Directs the initiation and implementation of a compliance plan; either by assembling and leading a Compliance Team, or outsourcing the project to a qualified vendor

34.Ensure all physician credentialing remains current and processes any new and/or renewal credentialing applications.

35.Ensures all regulatory reporting is accurately completed and submitted in accordance with established deadlines and provides to the Medical Director and Medical Executive Committee ongoing reports of the Center’s Surgical Services, Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) efforts, Infection Surveillances/Control, Radiological Services and Life Safety standards.

36.Safeguards the Center’s assets and ensure the Center’s building and equipment are maintained in good working order and incompliance with local, state and federal regulations.

37.Arranges for regular documentation audits; presents results to physicians

38.Generates and analyzes CPT frequency reports by physician, and discusses areas of risk and revenue opportunity

39.Assure safety of all staff and patients through continuous monitoring of all areas for compliance with infection control program, policies and procedures as appropriate and hourly rounding is accomplished and logs are maintained.

40.Works with Web designers and email vendors to ensure physician-patient communication over the Internet is secure, encrypted, and meets HIPAA standards.

41.Maintains patient confidentiality; complies with HIPAA and compliance guidelines established by the practice

42.Establishes quality improvement, fiscal productivity and patient satisfaction goals and objectives in conjunction with upper management, coordination implementation, and reporting on results.

43.Increases efficiencies by improving scheduling systems; managing supply costs and inventory; evaluating equipment needs and generally raising the volume.

44.Develops and monitors standards to advance and promote patient safety, quality and value and takes appropriate corrective action where indicated.

45.Immediately investigates patient complaints; investigates patient care given.

46.Works toward continuous improvement based on customer needs and departmental needs are identified through monthly PI monitoring.

47.Works in conjunction with the Medical Director and Medical Executive Committee in the evaluation and development of existing and new surgical services at the facility.

48.Maintains strict compliance with all confidentiality requirements including, but not limited to HIPAA and those established by the practice.



Performs other related duties as assigned.




Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  Graduate degree in business or health care administration strongly preferred. 



Eight (8) years of high-level operational management experience within an ASC, preferably as an Administrator with experience in budgeting, financial management, clinical compliance, clinical service management, human resource activities and materials management. 




Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification

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