Job Description

The Director of Physician Practices will provide overall direction and professional business management to the physician practice offices.  The Director will be responsible for the administration, direction and coordination of all activities including non-clinical workflow processes and clinical oversight.   This includes but is not limited to managing the details of revenues/expenditures within budgeted plans, developing strategies for growth, ensuring positive interactions with third parties (payers, outside agencies, patients, etc.) leading staff and managing personnel issues, completing timely reports, and maintaining high standards of quality and compliance.  The Director communicates with the hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO), corporate leaders/partners, and other senior management leaders regarding all clinic information (financial and non-financial), employee issues, physician issues, marketing, new business ideas etc.  The Director will comply with the mandates of required accrediting and regulatory agencies and communicate pertinent information to the members of senior management (both local and corporate).

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Provides directions, reviews, evaluates; and ensures accountability for the performance of all physician practice operations; ensures all operational activities including capital/non-labor are within budget.
  • Directly involved with the local leadership team/corporate leadership team in the creation of strategic goal development/initiatives for physician practice operations; ensures goals are communicated to clinic teams; and develops/maintains an accountability plan to ensure goal achievement.
  • Directly supervises Clinic Managers. Indirectly supervises all physician office staff in assigned practices, both clinical and non-clinical (Receptionists, LPNs, RNs CMAs, etc.); and Providers (Physicians, NPs, PAs).
  • Responsible for the staffing levels of all clinic operations to include labor budget and productivity standards/compliance.
  • Coordinates with appropriate resources the procedures for administration in support of accounts payable, liability insurance requirements and like functions within physician practices as required.
  • Works with local/corporate leadership on strategic and operational plans for each physician practice, supplying appropriate statistics as deemed appropriate for project strategies.
  • Works with local/corporate leadership to develop physician practice operations budget; communicates budget goals; and holds team accountable to ensure all operational activities are within defined budget.
  • Assists with policy and procedure definition, implementation, updating and distribution.
  • Responsible for working with local/corporate leadership on physician recruitment, physician salary resets, quarterly bonuses, and compensation plans; responsible for the coordination and oversight of all provider contracts (as needed with local/corporate leadership).
  • Represents physician practices to a variety of community and professional organizations. Identifies new business, community outreach and educational opportunities, works with others on the team for development and implementation (as needed with local/corporate leadership).
  • Participates in the recruitment and retention of physician practice medical staff and personnel to support practice growth and service line. Collaborates with facility/network management on related implementation plans (as needed with local/corporate leadership)
  • Responsible for directing and ensuring a smooth transition for physician practice start-up activities as planned in conjunction with the local/corporate leadership, and all other parties involved (corporate support partners such as PPSI, AMR, legal, compliance, HR, etc.)
  • Assures protection and privacy of health information as attained through written, verbal or electronic disclosure.
  • Responsible for listening to customer service complaints, investigates, and follows-up to ensure satisfaction of customers, elevating to next level if needed.
  • Helps local/corporate leadership develop "Employee Satisfaction” and “Provider Satisfaction” performance improvement plans for offices, recruiting suggestions and keeping leadership informed and active in the process of improvement; as such, promotes a culture of excellence for employees, providers, patients, families, vendors, etc.
  • Ensures all physician practice offices are in compliance with all environment of care standards (expired meds, refrigerator logs, drug wastage logs, etc.).
  • Completes rounding on a regular basis to all offices.
  • Ensures billing process is implemented and adhered to as appropriate.
  • Ensures cash controls are in place (as per CHS policy) and are effective.
  • Responsible for all other duties as assigned by leadership.

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